Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Win a vintage brooch

Would you like a lovely vintage brooch for free? AntiquesAvenue is running a competition to win any brooch you choose from the site.

Heres the rules:

Pop over to www.antiquesavenue.co.uk and take a look arround.
Choose your favourite piece worth up to £50, there are lots of antique and vintage brooches to choose from
Go to facebook and find the AntiquesAvenue page
Let me know on Facebook which piece you would choose and like the page

Closing date February 14 2014
One winner will be chosen at random and notified via Facebook

If I were to choose a brooch I think it would be this one:

By the way do you like the new look of the website? You can do more things now like signing up for an account or making a wish list. Its easier to find your way around and sort the brooches on price.
Happy Hunting - Anne x 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Update from AntiquesAvenue

Have you missed me? Ive been so busy that this poor blog has become lost but not forgotten entirely. Ive a new home for my blogging over at www.antiquesavenue.co.uk/blog where Im continuing to chat about all things brooch and jewellery. Did you see this recent post about 25 different kinds of brooch ?

 Im continuing to add lots of lovely old brooches to the shop as well, heres a couple of screen shots from the current selection but there are simply loads more to delight

Hopefully I will be back before another couple of years have elapsed. Happy hunting

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Vintage brooch selection

Wanting a vintage brooch this Christmas? Here is the latest selection available from antiquesavenue.co.uk:
Hint: Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Do you like this way of viewing all my vintage brooches? If so I will add a new view every month or so


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

5 most popular brooches

Ive been looking at which types of brooches seem to be the most popular on AntiquesAvenue. Here is the current top 5
Lava Cameo Brooch
These cameos are carved from Lava instead of the usual shell. They  are much rarer than shell cameos and quite sought after by connoisseurs of Victorian Jewellery. The Lava is from the Italian volcanoes such as Mount Etna and Vesuvius.

4. Amber Brooches
I cant get enough amber brooches - these usually sell out as soon as they hit the shelves of antiquesavenue.co.uk. The most popular are art nouveau amber and silver brooches,

3 Butterfly Brooch
What is it about butterflies and jewellery? Especially butterfly brooches. So popular as gifts

2. Mizpah Brooch
The favourite of separated lovers, May the Lord watch between me and the when we are parted one from another

1. Vintage Brooch

Diamante set, big bright and bold ready for the party season


Monday, 15 November 2010

Making it easier to find vintage brooches

The vintage brooches section on antiquesavenue has just been re-organised to make finding them easier ( I hope) . The vintage costume jewellery brooches are now in a subsection of vintage brooches. Antique brooches have their own area too.

Here is a preview of some of the special brooches and pins you can find:


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Gold hand with jewellery vintage brooch

Is this the most wonderful old vintage brooch you have ever seen. This gold hand has a laces cuff, a real charm bracelet style bracelet ( complete with diamond ring) and it holding an inscribed calling card. Hand jewellery is quite collectable. This brooch has full nine carat gold hallmarks and can be dated to the Edwardian era. This a genuine one off antique vintage brooches are available at http://www.antiquesavene.co.uk/

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Vintage Brooches Collections

I've recently purchased a lifetimes collection of vintage jewellery and in it were so many vintage costume jewellery brooches that I have bundles some of them together in lots which are offered at a much cheaper price than they would be if offered individually.

Most of these brooches date from before the 1950s - many of them being the Czechoslovakian type with filigree metal and coloured glass diamante stones. I have collections of pink brooches, Victorian Brooches, blue brooches, flower brooches and animal brooches to name just a few.

Here are a few pictures to show some of the collections of vintage brooches which are available:

Blue collection

Pink Collection

Victorian Collection


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Maison Gripoix Brooch

WOW!  This brooch is so wonderful and so rare. Made by Maison Gripoix from Pate de verre or in English  glass. The company was based in Paris and only made the highest quality pieces.

Maison Gripoix are one of the most sought after names in vintage costume jewellery. This Paris based company has created jewellery for many of the leading fashion houses as well as pieces sold under their own brand. The signature style of Maison Gripoix is hand made Pate de verre pieces of jewellery such as this wonderful flower brooch.

This Maison Gripoix pate de verre flower brooch is in great condition with no chips or crazing to the glass , it measures about 5.5 cms long. One of the best costume jewllery brooches you could wish to find.

Take the opportunity to acquire this brooch now - they dont turn up very often


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tussie Mussie Vitnage Brooch to hold flowers

Have you ever seen a Tussie-Mussie? These are very special form of vintage brooch made to hold a small posy or sprig of flowers. Originally Tussie-Mussie was the name given to the posy of flowers its self but during the Victorian era brooches were developed which pinned the flowers to the clothing and protected the clothing from staining at the same time. The Tussie-Mussie brooch also hides the flower stems.

Vintage Tussie-Mussie brooches are very collectable now. AntiquesAvenue has one available at the moment :

Here is a Vintage Tussie Mussie Brooch, a brooch meant to hold a posy of real flowers. This Tussie Mussie is in the shape of a flower basket with the basket top being open for you to pin your own fresh flower posy into.
Vintage Tussie Mussies are now quite rare and collectable. This brooch is made of silver toned filigree metal, the silver tone is a little faded and I have priced this accordingly. This Tussie Mussie brooch probably dates from the 1930s - there is a trombone type clasp on the back

Here's another  tussie mussie brooch is probably from the 1950s and with the stag and acorn decoration were most likely meant to hold something like a sprig of heather onto a tweed jacket.

AntiquesAvenue likes to stock vintage Tussie Musie brooches but I find it difficult to get stocks of these . please use this search over at AntiquesAvenue to see if I have any currently in stock

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Vintage Costume Jewellery Brooches

I've a lovely collection to show you, lots of vintage costume Jewellery brooches and available as one lot so that you can keep a few and probably sell the rest at a profit . There are 25 brooches in this lot for £100 which makes them just £4 each including postage.
Every one of these brooches is in excellent condition. They include gold and silver toned brooches, leaf and flower brooches, a cat brooch. There are diamante brooches, glass set brooches and brooches in the shapes of rose.